Save money by leasing business equipment!

The decision to lease business equipment does not have to be difficult. Especially for companies with a large number of employees, it can be expensive to order and maintain chairs, printers, and similar items.

Radii Office in Laredo, Texas is your one-stop shopping experience for office equipment. We provide office furniture, inkjet printers, and everything in between for your office needs without the hardship of initial cost and depreciation.

 Why lease?

  • Cost savings: A company with only 30 employees must purchase 30 workstations, 30 computers, 30 desk chairs, and so on. Initially, this is a huge cost, and one of the biggest barriers for new businesses is cash flow. Radii reduces this barrier by offering a minimal monthly fee to lease this equipment. We have modern furniture designs and quality electronics.
  • Maintenance: We warranty all of our products, which means the first office chair that breaks won’t cause unforeseen business costs. Leasing equipment keeps your costs constant, and it keeps your equipment in working order. You won’t find a storage closet full of broken office equipment in an office leasing from Radii.
  • Upgrades: It is true that every electronic purchase quickly becomes obsolete, but a company should be able to get a couple years out of one printer or other electronic device. When the time comes, Radii offers upgrades at a minimal cost.
  • Employee satisfaction: Aside from cost savings, one of the biggest challenges in business ownership is employee satisfaction. Additionally, one of the biggest employee complaints is out-of-date equipment. Employees want to know that they are able to do their job well working with the best equipment. We make sure that happens.
  • Better customer service: Not only do employees notice when they are working with sub-par equipment, but so do customers. Hand a customer an unreadable printout from a out-of-date computer, and they’ll question your services. A company that runs smoothly with exceptional equipment draws in customers seeking quality, and they expect employees to have adequate equipment. An employee who has a chair with broken wheels does not send a good message.

Check in with us today and review our leasing agreements. Our terms are negotiable, and our goal is for both of us to end up in a place that is better than where we started. At Radii Office, we want every one of our customers to be models of success and representative of our work ethics. Contact us today at this link. We look forward to doing business with you!